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Welcome to my art studio’s website. My artwork is from the heart. My musical artwork encourages people to play a song. My romantic art pieces tend to spark a hug or kiss from a partner. Take any piece of my art and make your own story.


I am Sherry Haney, Artist, is the creative talent behind Dreamer Art Studio. In my collection, you will see a variety of art from Mixed Media to Watercolor to Oil and Pencil sketches. As an artist, this is part of our creative life – to explore all aspects of art and see what fits their niche.


The latest in my exploration is my sketchbook series, combining objects with flowers.


August 19, 2019, I closed on my condo in Fort Myers, FL…a very long way from Springfield, MO. Today is October 21 and I am finally out of pain from the hip surgery (and all the complications), unpacked and starting to “art” again.

Liquor Bottle?

If you look closely on the desk at the far end, you will see a bottle of Tequila. It is empty (wonder how that happened) and will now be sketched. It’s just too beautiful to not be put on paper.

Empty bottle of tequila waiting to be drawn

Organized Artist Studio

I spent a month organizing the studio. Organization helps to keep my brain in check. When I am stressed, it’s what helps to get me back on track. The picture below is where I stand and do most of my playing and organizing and playing some more.

Organized Art Studio

End of the Day

At the end of the day, my cat Ella and I sit on the lanai and enjoy the evening. Me with a glass of wine or cocktail and her with….her sitting in my lap usually.

My Lanai

So, that’s the sum of what I’ve been doing recently. Last night, I finished my first drawing in a long time, Pink Flower. This morning, I joined the Colored Pencil Society of America and will be doing more in colored pencils.

Thank you for reading and following my passion with me.

Sherry Haney, Dreamer Art

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