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Welcome to my art studio’s website. My artwork is from the heart. My musical artwork encourages people to play a song. My romantic art pieces tend to spark a hug or kiss from a partner. Take any piece of my art and make your own story.


I am Sherry Haney, Artist, is the creative talent behind Dreamer Art Studio. In my collection, you will see a variety of art from Mixed Media to Watercolor to Oil and Pencil sketches. As an artist, this is part of our creative life – to explore all aspects of art and see what fits their niche.


The latest in my exploration is my sketchbook series, combining objects with flowers.


This year, 2019, has been a year of more changes in my life than I had ever imagined.

  • January 9
    Total left hip replacement.
  • January 20
    Taken to ER by ambulance. Got bitten by a tick the spring before and caused allergy to beef and pork. I was in anaphylaxis shock. Twenty four hours in hospital and lots of shots.
  • March
    Decided to move to Fort Myers, FL to be near my only son and his family. Life is too short to be so far away.
  • April 16
    Sold my home of 22 years.
  • June 5
    Headed out with nothing but a 6’x12′ U-Haul, my SUV loaded and my cat. Weather was rainy most of the way with lots of wrecks. So, 18 hours turned into 3 full days. With my cat screaming the entire time.
  • June 7
    U-Haul trailer had a blow out while I was drive 55 MPH on highway in the rain, in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by semi’s. Scariest moment of my life, but I got from the middle lane to the shoulder (with the trailer trying to flip over) and cried. Then called U-Haul, who took almost 4 hours to find me.
  • June 8
    Arrived in Fort Myers, FL. I truly did not believe I’d arrive alive, but did.
  • Today – August 13
    Currently staying with my son and his wife, in their spare bedroom, with my cat and her litter box. The condo I purchased was not available until August 19, so ONE MORE WEEK and I’ll be back in my own place.

So, this is why I’ve not posted any new work nor allowed any sales of work or prints. All of my stuff is in a storage unit and not accessible.

So, I’m hoping that in about 2 weeks, I’ll be able to get into my new studio and start painting again.


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